Visual Designer at the #1 Venture-Backed Company at Castlight Health, San Francisco

We’re looking for a talented visual designer to help shape visual identity of Castlight‘s revolutionary solutions that will fundamentally change health care industry by changing how consumers find and receive health care.

Experience (Must have’s)

1. Solid portfolio of comprehensive visual design of consumer-focused applications
2. 5+ years of experience as visual designer of software applications
3. 3+ years of direct experience in designing consumer web applications

Required Skills

  • Mastery of graphic design methodologies such as typography, color theory, composition, iconography, illustration, and design grids.
  • Strong communication skills and ability to constructively manage feedback from product managers, business owners, interaction designers, and engineers.
  • Great work processes to manage deadlines and multi-tasking projects.
  • Expertise in Adobe Creative Suite
  • Understanding of implementation technologies such as CSS, XHTML, Javascript/DHTML

Graduate degree strongly preferred, BA/BS required

Specific Skills

  • Lead visual design for Castlight’s revolutionary consumer web and mobile applications.
  • Create visual models and concepts to help consumers understand ground-breaking idea of “shopping for health care”
  • Responsible for visual style guide that encompass all aspects Castlight application: page layout, fonts, color, and user interface elements (buttons, links, forms, lists….).
  • Collaborate with and inspire interaction designers, product managers, and engineers to build delightful user experiences.
  • Start with wire-frames and iterate and refine to create visually appealing and ready to build mock-ups
  • Build HTML prototypes to demonstrate and iterate new visual concepts
  • Zealously guard visual integrity of Castlight application as it features set expands.

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