Skin Care Product Skin Animation, Los Angeles

We are in need of a designer to create a beautiful animation to explain how our anti aging skin care product works. Think of all the animations you see in infomercials that explain how anti acne treatments work to reduce blemishes or the commercial that explain how to treat red eyes. We need something very clean, clear and upscale looking. We have a very rough animation that basically explains the process and we are looking to bring on an editor to really bring this animation to life. This animation will be broadcasted on national television.

Payment for the 15-30 second animation is $1,000.00 USD.

Specific Skills
animation, knowledge of science, CGI

How to Apply
Apply via email to: Please email with animations that you have done in the past that have been used to educate and/or explain a process. Anything science based is a plus!

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