iOS Game Developer at Snowman

Snowman is looking for an iOS game developer to work on an exciting new game for iPhone + iPad.

We’re looking for someone that’s able to build something similar in scope to Tiny Wings or Ski Safari (if you haven’t heard of them yet this job probably isn’t for you).

We’re looking for someone that’s had experience working on projects that are (ideally) currently available in the App Store.

We successfully launched Checkmark in 2012 and will be releasing Circles in early 2013. Come be a part of our next big hit!


Aside from the obvious (coding the game):

  • animation and sprites (running, moving, facial emotions, etc.)
  • level design (based on a provided tileable template that will include the background, objects, and obstacles in the environment)

We’ll be providing renderings of the main characters and objects in the necessary sizes and shapes. We’ll provide renders for all the backgrounds/levels, as well as the prizes, bonuses, items, etc. We’ll provide all the GUI part (from splash screen to credits) – we just need someone to bring this to life.

We intend to build the game with the Unity Engine, but we’re open to discuss this.


Compensation will likely involve a flat OR hourly rate + we’re offering a royalty on every copy of our game sold, and every in-app purchase bought.

We want you to be a part of the game, not just a freelancer doing some work for us.


We’re located in Toronto but we’ll need you to work remotely. We’ll meet up regularly to discuss progress, etc. but you’ll need your own machine/place to work from.

If you’re NOT from Toronto it’s still worth getting in touch. Ideally we’d like someone local but we’re not opposed to working with someone we can’t meet up with.

Most importantly we’re looking for someone that’s talented and hardworking, with an eye for pixel perfection. This shouldn’t be your first attempt at making a game – we don’t want to pay someone to learn how to do this.

We’ve got a great team lined up to work on this (illustration, sound design, promo video, etc.) and are looking for a great developer to complete the picture.

We’ll be able to show some concept art and divulge a bit more information to serious candidates.

Thanks for reading!


PS: we’re going to make a BIG splash with this game…so don’t miss out!

Apply Now!

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